Cashless travel is here. Say goodbye to losing your wallet at times square.

Your Bluetooth Is All Set To Change How You Pay On Holidays

We’re already living in a cashless society for all practical purposes, and sooner than we thought, our vacations too have gotten into a cashless phase with a few cool new features introduced to keep our lives fuss-free and fabulous. Meliá Hotels International in association with Oracle is the first one to set up a new type of vacation where guests could enjoy all of the hotel services without carrying cash. Seems too good to be true? Well, there is a growing need for digital transformation of the hotel industry – after all, it’s the only time we need all the help we can get because we are far away, and not in our comfort zone and if technology can make it a wee bit better, then why not? With new technology to improve guest experience by giving us easy paths to pay, Melia and Oracle have created a whole new product that will have you letting out a sigh of relief. It’s a simple bracelet that comes with a Bluetooth connection to the Melia app which guests can download and use. The app comes with lots of fun benefits – it allows guests to unlock the door to their room with it (just place the bracelet next to the lock) along with providing access to all of the services offered by the hotel – from paying at the hotel’s restaurants to getting that new treatment at the spa. Every little store in the premises of the hotel and every single drink can be paid with the app – so no need for wallets in your beach shorts (the bracelet is completely waterproof), just swipe that bracelet. The Bluetooth technology and short-range communication capabilities help vacationers to instantly

connect, access and make payments on-the-go.

Cashless travel is here. Say goodbye to losing your wallet at times square.
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The first set of demos and trials have been carried out in two company hotels in Magaluf, known for their mobile upward-ness and emphasis on new ideas. By 2019 August, the hotel chain will rope in four more hotels to the devices. The bracelets are user-friendly and fun but they also come in many internal checks. From controlling the use by children to setting maximum credit limits, adding bills, receiving receipts and cancel services – there’s a lot you can do with just one app. Talk about taking personalisation to the next level while sipping your margarita by the beach.


Personalising your vacation and going cashless is another way to stay on top of the technology-travel sphere. With innovative ideas and exceptional use of devices, Melia hotel chain in collaboration with Oracle has paved new paths for living it up by keeping you carefree and connected at the same time!

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