The future lurks in your wardrobe

FashNerd and the Munich Fabric Start Collaborative are about to take your style to the next level.

Being fashion forward means only one thing in the future – being technologically tuned to innovations in your own wardrobe. It isn’t style until it’s personalised and packed to suit one’s individual requirements and that is the reason why the future of the wardrobes is here. Come September 2018, FashNerd and Munich Fabric Start Collaborative have worked hard to bring technology-driven ideas to brands and our lives to give us the ‘Wardrobe of the Future’. First things first, the Munich Fabric Start is a leading textile trade show that has attracted exhibitors like Elektrocouture, FabLab Berlin, Pauline van Dongen, Sourcebook and Wear It Berlin. One big event destined to change your perspective on wearable tech and fashion, a niche but bold passionate project for those looking for

some style respite  from the ordinary!

It’s actually a unique idea set against the backdrop of the Munich Fabric Start’s KEYHOUSE which is known popularly to be a fashion tech space that launched in 2016. And it includes the walk-in wardrobe, designed to introduce audiences to labels that have successfully merged and managed to create new things with fashion and technology. The labels that are currently on the roster are Emel + Aris, Wearable X, Thesis Couture, Pyrates and Lorna & Bel, to name a few.

The Future Lurks In Your Wardrobe
Image Credits : Wearable X

Claudia Mynott Marketing and Communications Director of Munich Fabric Start talked about how fashion technology at the Keyhouse will now go through to the next level – with real and perceptible ready-to-wear smart products. The first prototypes are done and the showcase is currently putting together the final products that made the cut to be presented at Keyhouse. “In close cooperation with, we have managed to set up an impressive line-up of select smart brands that demonstrate the possibilities, advantages and the potential of fashion technology and our future wardrobes at a glance”, adds Mynott.

“It is the coordination and curation of tones, colours, textures, shapes and silhouettes that allows the wearer to play with their experience. Now for the first time, this will include technology that helps you feel,” explains Wearable X Founder Billie Whitehouse who has tied up with the project to create these unique experiences. So it’s all about convenience and efficacy and if you want a glimpse, look no further than the wardrobe at Munich Fabric Start in Munich, Germany, where the showcase is on standby for a looksee between the 4th September 2018 to the 6th September 2018 and be ready to park yourself into the future in trend with style! This event promises to definitely get you closer to your dream wardrobe.

The Future Lurks In Your Wardrobe
Image Credits : Lorna & Bel

FashNerd and Munich Fabric Start Collaborative’s ‘Wardrobe of the Future’ takes you on a wild ride by creating and curating your ideal style match with labels, brands and ideas that really, know how to personalise a truly unique experience!

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