No more listening to bizzare supermarket music playlist

Kids maybe the biggest blessing for parents but oh don’t they hate those tiny tots when its time to take them along for groceries. So it’s only fair they bless the minds that invented online shopping. Ocado took the luxury a step further by introducing Alexa as a personal assistant for shoppers. In this new technologically flavoured world, we have an AI that makes our monthly ritual easy, quick and convenient. And all of this with just voice communication. Gives a completely new meaning to the famous line,

“if you want something,  just ask for it.”

Alexa x Ocado does more than just add things to your basket. It can also notify you about trends of the season and how it fits in your recipes, it can keep a track of your order and even go as far as confirm the time until when your order can be amended. This cancels out a lot of frustrating calls made to the helpline when an order is delayed or when the FAQs just does not have the one question you were looking for. This rise of voice smart assistants may be leading us towards a time when majority of our web interactions and sales will be through conversational interfaces and not a toll free ‘let me keep you on hold’ scripts.

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A very cool India is not new to the game of marrying technology with shopping. A cool example would be ‘The Virtual Shopping Wall’ by HomeShop18 at Delhi International Airport where the passerby could browse products, scan a QR code and place an order. While this is a win by itself, wouldn’t it be cool to solve problems like difficulty in locating a product in supermarket via technology? That’d make for a very happy checkout.


Home deliveries, mobile pays, checkout free shopping – our focus is set on easy, fresh and fast. Many companies are stepping up to take it a notch higher. But are there some prime areas that still need to be tapped in this big stock your fridge program? Technology will tell.

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