Netflix just ‘suggested’ some new shows to people, in real life.

And if you were in LA last week, you could’ve experienced it too.

Between the 15th and 17th June, Netflix put up a ‘pop-up shop’ at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles. The idea was to give ‘users’ (customers in the offline world) a chance to revisit their favourite shows in a way they’ve never experienced before. Consider this, you could always revisit Stranger Things by watching the show again, reading ‘theories’ about it on Reddit, scavenging the internet for speculations and possible developments, or indulging in some good-old fan fiction. But, could you play the games in the show on an actual arcade machine? Or touch and possible try the gown from Crown? And you definitely couldn’t step inside a ring made like the one in Glow, neither could you step in an old-west saloon from Godless. Unless of course, you’re one of the crew members working on the show. Which is why, this exhibit named, ‘Because You Watched’ consisted of installations, arcade games, props used in the original show, merchandise you could buy, and other cool photo-ops to tell your friends what they missed.

According to us, it’s a brilliant idea to connect with your audience in the real world, rather than asking your digital agency to think of another ‘engagement’ campaign. The difference between the two, is exactly the one between talking to your friends on chat, and meeting them in person. It’s just the right kind of path that brands should be exploring today.

Because, the internet has become a riot of content, ads, promotions, and  other communication that is subconsciously ignored by even the 12-year-olds looking to find their games.

In fact, experiences like these should be a part of the marketing plan for any new show, film, game and pretty much anything that is to be consumed digitally. Maybe you could have an event like this especially for post-credit scenes and other easter eggs from the film or show. At Because You Watched, Netflix also had a section where they suggested attendees with shows that they can watch, just like how they do online. Isn’t it just great?


We love the idea of taking a part of an online experience to the real world. Experiential marketing is a fancy term to describe what Netflix did. But, to put it simply, what’s the point of a Tinder match if you never meet them in the real world?

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