Look Vincent Van Gogh on my coffee

Every sip of your coffee is now a masterpiece.

Low fat milk, double shot espresso, a dash of sugar and oh yes, I would go for the Starry Nights – This is how a typical order looks like, at this Korean barista where your coffee is almost too beautiful to drink.

Just when you thought that brewing the most perfect cup of coffee with a carefully poured heart or rosetta design is as good as it can get, South Korean barista Lee Kang-bin has been taking the art of coffee to a whole new level by creating masterpieces like bambi, Winnie the pooh, the famous Scream and wait for it! legendary art pieces like “The Starry Nights” on creamy cups of coffee.

Taking roughly 15 minutes to make. Kang-bin begins with white steamed milk, then applying pops of color with a small brush recreates masterpieces on cups of coffee, which he calls “cream art”

“One time I drew ‘The Starry Night’ and it looked so special as the famous painting placed on top of coffee. After that, lots of people ordered that coffee, Customers usually ask me to draw their favorite art works,”   said Lee. 


With a market of organised Cafe chains from 3,500 presently, pegged to increase to almost 6,200 by 2020, the Indian market is ready for innovations as such; where art accentuates the experience of the product. Already being seen in the gourmet food industry, with a growing list of molecular gastronomy restaurant chains and the Indian consumer demanding luxe experiences, an addition of experience in quick service categories can be an interesting watch.

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