If New York’s street style had its own soundtrack, it would certainly have a heavy Hip-hop influence. Now more than ever, the combined appeal of R&B and streetwear is so strong that even the most uptight luxury brands want a piece of it. And that’s one of the reasons why ‘collaboration’ has been the hottest word in the world of fashion. Loius Vuitton wants Supreme, Manolo Blahnik and Puma want Rihanna, Adidas wants Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, so and so forth. But one of the recent collabs that made me sit up and notice was the one between MCM and Wizpak.

MCM, a relatively underground luxury brand at the forefront of this amalgamation of rap, youth culture and luxury street fashion teamed up with fash-tech startup Wizpak that makes wearable luxury sound system aka backpacks that double up as boomboxes. MCM heritage Stark Visetos exteriors marry Wizpak’s backpack style that includes 40w 2.1 stereo speaker systems with 3D surround-sound. While most collaborations in the wearable technology sphere have been tech-first and fitness-focused, it’s interesting to see fash-tech tie-up that’s heavy on style.

What makes it covetable is the fact that, so far, only hip-hop royalties like Cardi B, Jamie Foxx and Alica Keys have had access to it. In the world of fast fashion, one could peg it as an interesting strategy for a brand to show restraint in making the product available in order to drive demand. While the collaboration was announced during Grammy’s 60th Anniversary Weekend in February, also when they were gifted to aforementioned celebrities, the commercial range will only be available in late 2018.

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In this hyperactive world of fast fashion for moody millennials, collaborations between luxury and streetwear brands are quick to come and go. That’s why MCM and Wizpak’s fash-tech tie-up that takes the innovative approach to demand and supply stands out. Plus, this backpack will be a sure-shot party starter, wherever you’ll go.

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