A delicious side of 3D storytelling is served

You make your reservations for two, walk into your favorite restaurant ready to order the regular and have a nice time. If you thought that’s all to look forward to, 3D mapping and optical illusion approaches your table. What seems like an unusual order is a fun experience designed to engage and entertain. Le Petit Chef partnered with Dinner Time Story to create a journey of Marco Polo across the world. The idea of a tiny projected chef running around your plate, cooking your food and putting an end to awkward silences around the dinner table was met with a


Shared experiences is what’s IN in innovation. Eating as an experience was always 100x more enjoyable when the food was inspired by stories or memories. Each ingredient had an important role to play. Some even a family secret. This chef miniature version is one such experience created to be enjoyed with friends, family and foes alike. The Belgium based artist collective ‘Skullmapping’ by Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck turned the table into screens and the accident prone chef delivered laughter and discussion topics before your real meal was ready to be served. Fine innovative dining mixed with the traditional storytelling turned to be a combination of geniuses.

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Dining concepts across the world are going through a major Kanye moment, looking to expand creatively beyond their usual area of expertise. Be it dining in the dark, with robot waiters or in an ice bar – eating out has become more than feast for the taste buds. Indian cuisine’s fast casual space is seeing a boom in the right direction with twist in the menu to cater a wider audience. Chefs are working their Instagram to post their food experiments among pictures with celebrity friends. However, what we still miss is a tiny white hat 3d projection possibly bringing a local flavour of entertainment to our des.


With Netflix and Amazon Prime bringing celebrities and beloved former president of the states to direct and produce originals, do you think there would be mini movies created for public spaces like restaurants, bars, parks or even shopping malls? Or would it be a distraction in the way of communication reserved for day/night outs?

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