Snoop dogg’s ‘From Crook To Cook’ heatin up

& y’all don’t know what’s cookin’

Food as a subject has unimaginable possibilities. There’s food for every mood. Feeling down? Get that tub of icecream. Feeling rich? Celebrate with some lobster thermidor. You get the drift. Cookbooks as a concept in the past was restricted to a kitchen essential. There was little to no creativity in the draft, only the recipe to ace the perfect dal. But as we are closer to the end of 2018, modern cooking has come into play. A recent development that we definitely dig being

‘From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen’ by Snoop Dogg. 🔥

The book features 50 recipes ranging from fine-dining to earthier fare – so prepare to start with filet mignon and end with waffles. It’s all edible and is supposedly great post edibles. This is not the rap god’s first foray into the cooking space. He also presents a cookery show with Martha Stewart called Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. It also not the first time that someone from the rap genre has taken a step into unlikely territory. 2Chainz wrote a 28 page cookbook #MealTime, Kelis went on to publish ‘My Life On A Plate’ and Coolio wrote Cookin’ With Coolio. Music and munchies do make for a great combo.

Image Credits : Chronicle Books ('From Crook to Cook' by Snoop Dogg)

Artists stepping out of their comfort zone to give other categories of self expression a shot is the kind of content we didn’t know we need. The idea with a musician pairing with a chef to whip up magic is to channel all the artistic energies and creating an experience that goes beyond satisfying just the primary sense. If you do remember a show called ‘Highway On My Plate’, it featured two men trying out different cuisines around the country. The casting for this was as crucial as what was cooking. Imagine the same show with the script you would listen to on a basic cooking show and it’s a case of kitchen burn.


Unlikely pairings as a concept is gold. Today, it is no more about restricting self to what we know best but moving with a pace matching Mumbai locals and Times Square. Recently, we’ve seen Bollywood celebrities invest time, energies and money into fashion, fragrances and fitness. These are not just businesses where they lend their names but actually create the brand from scratch. Case in point: Rheson by Rhea x Sonam Kapoor. And if we have to circle it back to cooking, Shilpa Shetty is quite a leader in the domain. With new possibilities and combination of creative energies emerging, we can’t wait to watch what is next on the episode of collaboration.

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